Onion Head Direct Inc.

Marketing that won’t make you cry.

Onion Head Direct started operation in 2011. It started as a group young individuals specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. What started as a simple web marketing company, it quickly expanded their services to Crowdfunding Support, TV/Infomercial Production, Home Shopping Distribution Channel, Graphic Design and PR.

Unlike other Marketing Agencies, we take the time to get to know our client before we make the big jump. We believe that there is no ONE STANDARD PROTOCOL to market every business in every industry. The effectiveness of the marketing strategy stems from bringing the best assets of the company up front. We listen; we gather as much information as possible and then build a strategy around it, a strategy exclusive to that specific client.

We bring high quality marketing solutions with expert marketing skills at a very reasonable price. OHD’s aim is to provide businesses with unique online marketing solutions and inventive services without the costly price. In short…marketing that won’t make you cry.