TV Infomercial Production Services

TV/Infomercial Production

Break the norms! 

Onion Head Direct analyzes your campaign and provides complete assistance from pre to post production. Our creative team will handle everything from conceptualizing your campaign, to scriptwriting, recruiting and managing testimonials, talent casting, editing, and distribution. We guarantee that our final product taps your vision and attracts your target market. We always deliver on time!

OHD has produced numerous phenomenally successful infomercials over the past few years. Our team consists of experts in conceptualizing, animation, script-writing and editing TV commercials that guarantees a strategically conceptualized “no-fail” output.

OHD will help throughout your infomercial creation from pre to post- production with the attention to detail you can only receive with a hands-on infomercial production company like OHD.

Contact us today to learn more about our Infomercial production services.

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