Looking for a Customized Web Marketing Solution?

With MILLIONS of users on the internet, we make sure you are talking to the right ones.

How Can We Help You?

Lead Generation

We turn strangers and prospects into potential paying customers through Lead Generation.


Increase your business revenue through web marketing or direct response.


P.R. and Branding

Get the right messages to the right people on the right channel.

Who We Are

Onion Head Direct started operation in 2011. It started as a group young individuals specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. What started as a simple web marketing company, it quickly expanded their services to Crowdfunding Support, TV/Infomercial Production, Home Shopping Distribution Channel, Graphic Design and PR.

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About the Founder

Don Baker—has helped numerous companies successfully grow revenue streams by expanding their product line and base of operations.

Currently Mr. Baker consults for several companies where his duties include product development and implementation of marketing strategies to increase revenue.

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Our Projects